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Plot No. 62/2/1, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, UP

+91 9810036024 , +91 9811885000


Plot No. 62/2/1, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, UP


We offer an extensive variety of paper factory rollers that are the favored decision in various paper plants across India. These rollers are a pivotal component of various assortments of web handling machines because of their excellent and predominant presentation.

We utilize high-grade unrefined substances, for example, thermoplastics, paper, materials, steel, and so on to produce our scope of paper plant rollers. Our broad framework base and a group of specialists permit us to handcraft and produce paper factory rollers.

Breast Roller

We offer a shifted scope of Breast Roller. These rollers have been planned by our capable staff to assist with keeping the belt from slipping as well as to try not to slide among the belt and roller. These rollers are accessible in various sizes with regard to various belt widths, tube lengths as well as distances across.

Benefits – Covered breast rollers for consumption and wear-opposition.

Couch Roller

Couch Rollers are a popular paper product manufactured by tissue converters such as Four stones Paper Mill. The design of Couch Rollers is to provide a cheap and environmentally friendly approach to keeping surfaces clean and hygienic. Couch rollers are used within the paper industry in the first phase of forming a sheet of paper. We coat couch rollers for corrosion and wear resistance.

Benefits – Cover couch seat rollers for erosion and wear-obstruction.

Wire Return Roller

We apply the artistic covering to wire and table rollers with the end goal to safeguard and upgrade the rollers by giving phenomenal opposition against consumption and wear.

Benefits – Great opposition against consumption and wear.

Felt Roller

Wet felt rollers are utilized to help and guide felt, yet frequently experience defilement. Our wear-safe coatings shield rollers from tainting.

Benefits – Wear-safe coatings shield rollers from tainting.

Press Size Roller

In the context of paper manufacturing, press-size rollers are used to apply a solution of starch or other sizing agents to the paper as it passes through the press section of the paper machine. This process helps to improve the paper’s surface strength, smoothness, and resistance to ink absorption, which is particularly important for high-quality printing The size of the press size roller used in this process can vary depending on the size of the paper machine and printing press being used. Larger rollers are typically used for larger machines, while smaller rollers are used for smaller machines.

Touch Rollers

We are among the commended names in the business for assembling and providing Touch Rubber Roller. The offered rollers are outstanding in quality and are impervious to wear and tear. They are correspondingly precise as they are utilized in stepping machines and printing machines. The can be modified by the requests of the clients.

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