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Steel Industries

Wide range of PU, Rubber & Hard Chrome Plated Rollers for use in Steel Industries. Our Rollers are having all kinds of Acid, Temperature, and Abrasion Resistance. We undertake the following types of Rubber, PU, and Hard Chrome Plated Rollers.

Bridle Rollers

Bridle Roller drive Strips through the Production line, are Rollers are different hardness ozone and abrasion resistance and will not degrade from oil and Corrosive material. Bridle roll is the important equipment in the continuous annealing line, whose main function is to divide the line into several sections according to the difference of the strip tension, and control the strip tension. The dynamical mechanism model of the strip tension in bridle roll is proposed in this paper.


Applicator Rollers

This Applicator Roller is used in metal Sheet Industries for galvanizing for Colour Coating applications and Chemical coating. we offer applicator roller coating roller. coating rollers. applicator roller likewise name coating roller is utilized to plunge paint and equably coat paint onto a metal strip surface, its quality is straightforwardly connected with the metal strip surface quality, in the wake of covering a specific amount of metal strips, implement roller surface harshness decline result covering capability likewise lessen so it should be re-grind.

Benefits – Rollers are manufactured to be abrasion-resistant and have a longer service life.

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